SAI has extensive experience in preparation of studies, evaluations, and reports; schematic design, design development (plans and specifications); construction documents; construction bid evaluation; and construction phase services for mechanical and electrical engineering projects.


Project consisted of a study to evaluate several options for upgrades to existing laboratory…

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Traffic Design

Traffic Design

Our knowledge and understanding of local, state and regional roads and traffic..

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Our firm is very familiar with the special requirements needed for transit, interstate and highway..

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We have extensive experience in design for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants (WTTP).


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Construction Administration
Construction Management
When it comes to your investment in facilities, you want the best quality at the best cost. You want a project delivered on schedule, on budget and to suit your needs. You need a project team that knows your objectives and priorities with leadership by a seasoned professional who can keep the project moving along problem-free.

Sidhu Associates can completely manage your projects for you, or furnish staff augmentation, representing your interest and keeping your project running smoothly. Our staff is experienced in building codes, permitting, life/safety requirements and local construction conditions. Our staff works hard to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery; to control costs, schedules and quality; to minimize disputes and claims; and to maximize your investment as an Owner.

Sidhu Associates provides a diverse, experienced team of engineering and construction professionals to perform an array of services. Our inspectors work as a team and are afforded unobstructed access to the firm’s engineers for Immediate technical assistance. We provide construction inspection services to insure that the project are built in accordance with the plans and specifications.

Electrical Engineering
Truly excellent electrical system design begins with identifying the Owner’s needs, goals, and the development of design solutions that will remain beneficial to the Owner year after year. It is only through rigorous programming, including the establishment of parameters and definition of specific requirements that a solid foundation for a successful project can be created.

Sidhu Associates’ electrical team always strives to achieve balance between first and life cycle costs by reviewing the benefits and alternatives to our engineering designs with our clients. Lighting, power quality and layout of power and communication devices have significant impact on a building’s functionality and the comfort of its occupants. With the reliance on personal computers and electronic equipment for so many of today’s tasks and communications, the electrical distribution system must be designed to minimize any lost time and productivity due to power quality issues.

Lighting design is accomplished using the Advanced Graphical Interface for Lighting (AGI) software package. With this program a wide variety of lighting applications can be studied for both indoor and outdoor designs. We can produce a model of actual scenarios which show lighting intensity and uniformity. The complete project will meet the design criteria recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) as well as, meet the requirements of the Owner. Lighting should be evaluated in terms of luminaire selection and location to reduce glare and reflections, as well as control and flexibility.

It is within these situations that as design professionals we must endeavor to be creative but not compromise the design of the electrical systems to exceed our client’s goals, as well as our goals of a well-engineered project.

We have experience in investigating, testing and design of electrical distribution systems from 208 volts to 33 kV, including high voltage cables, ductbanks and transformers up to 20 MVA. We have in-house computer programs-ETAP and DAPPER to perform load analysis, short-circuit calculations and CAPTOR for coordination studies. Our engineers have extensive experience in performing these studies.

Instrumentation and Controls
Sidhu Associates’ Instrumentation and Control expertise is considerable and broad. Our Staff has many years of combined experience on all water, wastewater and process industry instrumentation applications including magnetic and differential pressure flowmeters, pH, ORP, Residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen sensors and transmitters, radar and ultrasonic level meter, pressure transmitters, LEL monitoring equipment, chlorination and dechlorination equipment. We also specify and tune single loop controllers from several vendors for a wide variety of applications.

Sidhu Associates has experts with many years of experience designing, programming and commissioning control systems; distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers and personal computer-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) software packages for in-plant and SCADA applications. We have personnel experienced with the fiber optic and copper LANs and WANs and servers, repeaters and modems that are vital to all control system networks. Our SCADA systems have been designed using leased and dail-up telephone lines as well as licensed VHF and 900 MHz spread spectrum radio communications.

Sidhu Associates has for many years designed and continues to maintain control systems for several clients in the mid-Atlantic region.

Mechanical Engineering

Sidhu Associates, Inc. provides extensive mechanical engineering services, including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, fire protection, and building automation systems (BAS) for various buildings including, training and education facilities, commercial buildings, wastewater treatment facilities, historical buildings and institutional facilities.

Our Mechanical design team begins each project with the owner’s comprehensive design criteria and stringent budget requirements. We consider and evaluate alternate system methods of achieving the established design objectives. During the design development phase of a project, Sidhu Associates performs a feasibility study including energy modeling with the latest energy simulation programs and establishes the best solution for mechanical system based upon economical analysis.

The mechanical team believes that a sustainable mechanical system design successfully addresses all of the following issues:

The most tangible product of good (or bad) HVAC design is human comfort. While comfortable conditions (temperature, humidity and noise) are paramount, at SAI we understand that it takes much more than that to achieve excellence.

Less tangible than comfort is health. Recent headlines contain quite a bit about indoor air quality and “sick building syndrome”. SAI has established innovative design approaches to ensure good indoor air quality for all types of systems.

HVAC design offers the greatest number of ways to achieve the design objectives. For example, most would agree that hot water radiant heat is preferable to a forced air system, but the project budget may dictate that forced air be used in a well-designed and appropriate manner. Similar types of decisions must be made on every project. Also, life cycle costs must be considered and weighed against first costs on behalf of the Owner.

Energy Conservation
SAI believes one of the most important aspects of mechanical design is to balance the initial construction cost against annual energy operating and maintenance costs for the Owner. To achieve the goals we challenge our mechanical engineers to see innovative equipment and system solutions, such as high efficiency geo-thermal units, absorption chillers utilizing reusable energy, high efficiency chillers, variable air volume AHU’s, state-of-the art direct digital control BAS and water conservation plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing and Fire Protection
SAI’s approach to design, specifications and inspection of plumbing and fire protection system balances efficient, innovative design with the health, welfare and safety of the public. Using advanced techniques and adhering to accept practices and codes. The SAI’s team delivers creative design that keeps our drinking water clean, conserves water and keeps citizens and property safe from fire. Team expertise includes generation of AutoCad drawing files and specifications, production and supervision of construction documents, adherence to codes, storm, sanitary, vent, domestic water, chemical waste systems and waste water systems requirements.
Traffic Design Engineering
Sidhu Associates’ knowledge and understanding of local, state and regional roads and traffic patterns is the cornerstone of our traffic engineering design services. With our experience in both urban and rural areas and our diverse clientele, we have acquired experience in the requirements and standards of city and state jurisdictions.

What Sets Us Apart?
Our traffic engineering design experience sets us apart from other firms that provide traffic engineer design services.Sidhu’s professional traffic engineers perform services for both government and private sectors. To do so, we provide consultation on all aspects of a project dealing with the movement of vehicles and pedestrians to, from and within the confines of a specified site or through a defined area. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

Lighting –

  • Lighting Calculations are provided using computer generated models of the site illumination with summaries of illuminance levels and lighting uniformity.
  • Lighting is to be designed to coordinate with utilities, landscaping, structures and architectural features.
  • Lighting design meets or exceeds the recommendations of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).
  • Lighting is to be designed to minimize unwanted glare, as well as, light trespass to private properties.
  • Lighting design considers the safety and security of both motorists and pedestrians.
  • Design team has experience working on many lighting and streetscape projects.
  • Conduit system for lighting will be designed in order to have proposed lighting connected to power systems using an underground distribution system.
  • Lighting control is typically provided by photoelectric cells and or timers. More modern electronic lighting controls can be incorporated as required.
  • Construction services and inspection can be provided for lighting projects.

Maintenance of Traffic – Using the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices as the standard, we prepare traffic control plans that include temporary traffic control barriers, drums, signing, and striping. In addition to traditional MOT plans, we implement Transportation Management Plans for highway projects. These plans are incorporated into the design process to facilitate safety for contractors, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians throughout the work zone.

Traffic Signal Design – After taking proper inventory of existing signals and justifying the need for new or modified signals, our traffic engineers develop plans to show traffic signal supports, heads, controllers, detectors, wiring diagrams, and interconnect cables.

Traffic Calming Measures – Our philosophy is that traffic calming should include engineering, enforcement, and education. In designing for traffic calming, our engineers may include mini-circles, roundabouts, curb extensions, chokers, island dividers, speed humps, chicanes, signing, and re-striping.

Conceptual Design – Sidhu Associates, Inc. designs conceptual improvements including radii improvements, turning lane installation, and analysis of lane widths, shoulder widths and guardrail locations.

Any one or all of our services may be utilized throughout various phases of a project.